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When it comes to over-the-counter delay solutions, Promescent Delay Spray is simply the best product available. Its patented TargetZone™ technology makes Promescent truly unique.

With its original formula, Promescent delays orgasm and improve ejaculation control. Just like other PE sprays, Promescent uses lidocaine to numb some penile nerves. However, Promescent uses an oil-aqueous form of lidocaine instead of a solid one.

The skin can fully absorb aqueous lidocaine. So, unlike other sprays, Promescent can’t accidentally numb your partner.

Since Promescent is absorbed by the skin, it will target only your inner nerves. Thus, you won’t feel the same numbing feeling that other products can give you. You will still be able to experience pleasant sensations during sex.

Boost Your Bedroom Performance

Make Love Longer

When you are ready to take your bedroom game to the next level Try the climax-control spray that's clinically proven to help you have longer-lasting, more enjoyable intimacy.

Promescent® Delay Spray 

2000+ healthcare professionals recommend it to anyone looking to build confidence and last longer in bed with their partner.

Make Love Healthier

VitaFLUX™ is made to give you more energy, vitality, blood flow (think stronger erections), and faster recovery times.   

For Men and Women! 

VitaFLUX's clinical study had men report experiences of stronger, firmer erections and higher libido. Women reported increased natural lubrication and increased orgasm satisfaction. 

Make Love Hotter

With just one pea-sized drop of our clitoral gel, you can experience intense buzzing and tingling sensations (and orgasm faster) than you ever thought possible.

Female Arousal Gel

A hybrid lube Designed to target her most sensitive areas while heightening her sexual pleasure.